Frequently Asked Questions...

What is Mimi’s swim philosophy? 
To teach swimming life-skills in a warm and loving environment.  To be open and honest while firm but fair with each swimmer in order to achieve their swimming goals with success.

How are small groups formed and how many children are in a group?
Children are grouped according to their skill level and age.  Class ratios vary depending on student’s age and abilities with a minimum of four students per class and up to six per class. Classes and times are determined by the registrations per session.

What are the different swim levels?
Click here for detailed descriptions of the various levels.

What if I’m assigned a swim time that conflicts with my schedule?
Please check your schedules carefully and write on registration forms if there are specific times that your child cannot swim.  Please let Miss Mimi know ASAP if there is a conflict

What if I need to reschedule a swim session?
Any rescheduling of swim session will incur a $10 charge for each child.

What if my child misses a class due to illness?
Classes will be made up for illness.  There is one designated make-up day per month or a child can make-up if space is available at another time. Time depending. Not guaranteed but will do our best.

Should my child wear a swim suit to lessons or change there?  
All children need to arrive wearing their swim suit and shoes to lessons. All children that are not potty-trained need to wear a swim-diaper and swim suit to lessons.

What about sunscreen?
For best protection apply sunscreen at home, before arriving to swim lessons.  Please only apply the necessary minimal amount of sunscreen to your child’s face and upper body (do not apply it to their legs and remember they are only in the water for 30 minutes).  Excessive amounts of sunscreen make it difficult to assist your child in the water and damages the pool filtration system.

Do I swim with my child?
You only swim with your child if you are registered for the WaterBugs Class, a parent/child class for children up to 2½ years of age or with Private Lessons.

Are there restrooms available at Mimi’s house?
Yes, for emergencies.

Is there a place to watch swim lessons at Mimi’s house?
Parents are allowed to stay and watch in the chairs around the pool; there are umbrellas and fans for your comfort.  Parents are asked to leave if a child is not cooperating or fussing (this typically applies to younger first time swimmers and tapers off with each lesson - it does not last). Miss Mimi loves having parents watch their swimmer's class to allow them to observe what their swimmer can and cannot do.  This also gives them the terminology, skill performance and ideas as to what needs to be practiced for success. During COVID, only 1 parent is allowed in yard to watch.